Events: Frequently Asked Questions

What is an event?

Events are made by Users to represent real world "Events", like a surf competition, a concert, or movie screening. Anyone can make an Event about anything. All it needs is a "home" or Community to start out in.

When selecting a home Community, it is recommended you start as close and relevant to your Event as possible. For example, if you are making an Event for a local rock concert, it should start out in a Community dedicated to the band performing, or maybe to the venue. From there, you can start "Crossposting" or sharing the Event to other relevant Communities to get more exposure.

What is "crossposting"?

"Crossposts" are Events shared from one Community to another. Events are meant to be shared, discovered, and promoted between Users. When you make an Event, you are saying "Hey, I want to share this cool thing with the world!". If another User is interested in your Event, they can "Crosspost" to a Community just like you can! This will help your event grow and be noticed by more people.

This is great because others will help grow your audience. For example, you are in a local band, and you make a Community dedicated to your shows. You know where you are playing, and some of those venues also have Communities as well, so you Crosspost there to alert their audience to your show. A User that moderates a large Community dedicated to local music in your town sees your Event, and THEY Crosspost it to their Community. Your Event can keep growing like this infinitely.

My Event is in multiple Communities... so what?

You are building an audience! In the example above, a start up local band makes into an established Community with tons of users, is gaining exposure event outside of that single Event. When Events are Crossposted into other Communities, they leave a breadcrumb trail back to the original Community. So, say your band plays a charity show, and that Event gets a lot of exposure. Users that are interested can easily follow the trail back to find ALL of your shows!

And dont forget! Even though anyone can Crosspost your Event, YOU control the details of your Event entirely.

What does "subscribing" to an Event do?

That's The Friendly App's way of saying "I want to keep track of this". When an User Subscribes to an Event:

Help! Someone stole my Event!

In most cases, this isn't a bad thing. Any User can make an Event about anything. Chances are you have a fan, and they are trying to be helpful. Multiple Events for the same real-world entity isn't really harmful.

However, if someone is being obviously malicious, use the feedback form in the header to submit the IDs of both events, AND an explanation, and it WILL be taken care of.