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So much more than a Calendar.
The Friendly App is so much more than an Event Calendar App. It's built entirely around the idea of organic discovery through User managed Communities.
Communities bring it all together.
"Communities" are themed Event containers. They can be about anything, a style of music, a geographic location, a holiday, and an each Event has a home Community.
Share and grow.
The Friendly App is primarily social. All Events can be shared, "Crossposted", by anyone to any Community. When you make high quality, appealing Events, other will share and help spread the word to different audiences.
Example of embedded calendar

Free Embeddable Calendars

Easily create and maintain calendars that can be embedded into your own website
Example of embedded calendar

Communities can be embedded in personal website.
Embed any Community as a Calendar that you moderate directly into your own webpage via an headless iframe.

Manage the embedded calendars through The Friendly App
Updating your own website can be difficult. Remove the need to write HTML or talk to an admin by managing your Calendars through The Friendly App's easy to use interface. You can even add Events or make updates through your mobile phone

Keep sharing your Events socially
Reap all the benefits of The Friendly App's social sharing features. Your calendar, and the Events in it will searchable in-app as well as SEO optimized for Google search. Share your Events, Crosspost other's Events to your calendar. Even choose to allow Users to post Events back to you!

Communicate with your Subscribers

Again... So much more than a Calendar.
With a free account, Users can subscribe to both Communities and Events.
Communicate how your Events change over time
When a User subscribes to an Event, they will receive updates if that Event changes, it'll be added to their personal calendar for easy tracking. Additionally, Event owners can even push notifications directly in-app to their subscribers.
Communities are a gateway to discovery.
When Users "subscribe" to a Community, they are opting-in to receiving notifications about future additions. They will also be able to sort and filter Events in Communities the subscribe to more easily.
Example of embedded calendar