Customize your Experience

Track Events. Build a Custom Calendar.
The Friendly App allows you to subscribe to Events. When Subscribed, an Event will appear in your custom calendar. The Custom Calendar functions as a Home page, so every time you log in, you'll see an updated list of your Subscribed Events.
Subscribe to Communities. See them in a Calendar.
The Friendly App Users have access to a "new" Calendar comprised of Events from Subscribed Communities. This calendar lets you see at a glance Events added in the last few days. The best part, the date range is totally up to you!
Share your Experience.
Sharing is at the heart of the The Friendly App. Whether it's sharing an exciting Event you found with a friend via e-mail, exporting an Event to Google Calendar, or when Users start sharing Events you've created, everything is meant to be shared.
Example of embedded calendar

Receive Updates and Notifications

Example of embedded calendar

Subscribing to Events will keep you informed.
The Friendly App allows you to subscribe to Events. When Subscribed, you'll receive in-app notifications when Event features change, and you'll receive notifications from the Event owner. When an Event is cancelled, or changes it's start time, you'll be the first to know!

Subscribe to Communities. Stay Informed.
"Communities" are the most powerful, unique feature of The Friendly App. When subscribing to a Community, you'll track and receive in-app notifications whenever a new Event is added. You'll be able to tell at a glance everything that's going on around you!

Keep sharing your Events socially
Reap all the benefits of The Friendly App's social sharing features. Your calendar, and the Events in it will searchable in-app as well as SEO optimized for Google search. Share your Events, Crosspost other's Events to your calendar. Even choose to allow Users to post Events back to you!

Create Events and Communities

Built on the idea of sharing.
The goal of The Friendly App is for Users to share their Events and Communities. When you can't find what you want, it's easy to create it!
Can't find the Community you want? Create it!
Communities are places for categorizing and sharing Events. Find a Community that's not quite specific enough for your tastes? Create your own, and only add the Events you find relevant. Want more diversity? Create a Community comprised of Events from multiple others.
Remember, Communities can be created for any topic!
Create your own Events!
Know a great Event that's happening and can't find it in search? Create it!
Anyone can create Events for anything. All you need is a time, a location, and a Community to start in. So, if you know about an Event that's not in the system, go ahead and create it. Everyone benefits.
Example of embedded calendar